Help get rid of cold sores

VIRASOLVE® works best the earlier you apply it

  • VIRASOLVE® is most effective if you apply it during the early stages of infection, when the virus is most active, such as when your lips start to feel:
    • tingly
    • itching
    • burning
  • By applying VIRASOLVE® Cream at the initial ‘tingly’ stage, the cold sore may not even become visible and healing time may be reduced.
  • VIRASOLVE® is easy to use
    • Simply cover the affected area with a thin layer of VIRASOLVE® – be sure to cover fully to the edges
    • On the first day, reapply VIRASOLVE® every hour during waking hours
    • On subsequent days, apply VIRASOLVE® every 4 hours until your cold sore disappears